Chiselling a lasting legacy ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

Read more at: This article was published in the Sunday Edition of Deccan Herald on 14th March 2021. Please click on the link above to read the spectacular life of Padma Vibhushan Sudarshan Sahoo. Here, I present a photo-essay of just a few of the great artist's work. Please enjoy the intricacies.

The Black-necked beauties of Phobjika ©Sangeeta Venkatesh Read about the black-necked cranes of Phobjika in the Gangtey Valley of Bhutan, in my article published in the 20th July issue of Deccan Herald Travel Supplement given in the link above. Here I share more pictures of the valley. Pictures Courtesy: My husband, 'Venky' Venkatesh 🙂 Thick woods of Phobjika Valley Snow capped … Continue reading The Black-necked beauties of Phobjika ©Sangeeta Venkatesh