Saturn Transit (Gochara) into Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi)– 17th January 2023

After a hiatus, I am doing a piece on the planetary transits. And I had to do it. As my most favourite planet Saturn or Shani Bhagavan makes His transit into Aquarius (also happens to be my Rashi). This means I enter the peak of my ‘sade saati or the 7.5 years transit when Saturn was in the house before my moon sign, then 2.5 years in the moon sign, and after 2025 it moves into the next sign after Aquarius (that is Pisces). I have written about some temples dedicated to Shani Bhagwan earlier, and you can find them here and here.

One of the most awaited transits of 2023, happened on January 17. After a gap of 30 years, Saturn, once again, has come back to Aquarius – a sign that it owns and prefers the most. This is not an exhaustive article, and some basics will be shared, which I think is important.

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert).

Here are some quick dates of the Saturn transit (India time):

17th January to 17th June 2023 it goes direct in Aquarius

17th June to 2nd November 2023 it goes retrograde

3rd November 2023 to 30th July 2024 it goes direct again

1st August to 15th November 2024 it goes retrograde

16th November 2024 to 3rd March 2025 it goes direct and leaves Aquarius never to return for the next 30 years and enters the sign of Pisces on 29th  March 2025.

All these signs are according to Vedic or Sidereal Astrology.

During the retrograde period Saturn becomes twice as powerful, and the world is expected to see major shifts. Both Capricorn and Aquarius belong to Saturn and is considered it’s ‘own sign’ or ‘Swakshetra’, but Aquarius is the ‘Mool Trikon’ sign, where Saturn is most powerful to change things according to his agenda. Saturn owns Aquarius and the area of 0 degrees to 20 degrees in the constellation is the Mool – Trikon zone of Saturn. He is the boss in this office, who will expect extreme commitment and no slacking; just like a boss who expects uncluttered work, with no distractions. Total responsibility indeed.

As He enters Aquarius in 2023, he is totally alone with no planets anywhere near him or aspecting him. It is only end of January that Venus will make the entry into Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi. The last two years Saturn was in his house considered his home (Capricorn) and any wonder that the world was also restricted to working from home!! But now it’s time to pull up your socks and get set with doing your karma to your full capacity. A heavy task master, a judge par excellence– HE will also give results to the deserving.

Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It has the sign of the water bearer.  The iconography is a bit puzzling as the pitcher of Aquarius has water flowing out from even though Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarius is about the collective humanity and Saturn here wants everyone to work together as a team instead of autocratic behaviour. He wants hard work that will benefit humanity.

Now Aquarius is also ruled by Rahu (the north Lunar node). Rahu is all about being ‘larger than life’, an outward projection, self-gratification. Saturn coming into Aquarius will put an end to egotistical factors, as it is giving the third aspect to Rahu who is in Aries currently. Saturn means the common man, and hence monarchy and rulers will not do well, especially if they don’t keep the common man in mind. The key word is service.

Saturn’s aspect to Leo shows that monarchy, hereditary institutions and privileges due to birth will change dramatically, during this two-year transit. Saturn will affect long term world affairs and many puffed up rulers will lose their grip. Leaders who will find success will be the ones who are genuinely humble and have the common man in mind.

Last time Saturn was in Aquarius was in early 1990 and prior to that was in 1960. Both those periods saw huge leaps in technology. Personal computers and dot com revolution came into everyone’s lives in 1990s. In the 1960s, the first man landed on the moon and the world saw great strides space technology. A lot of hardware was developed during that time as well including BASIC, UNIX etc.

Basically, everyone is influenced by Saturn in Aquarius, but some more than others. For individuals born in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, they will see the ‘Saturn Return’ in their charts. In addition, people born in 1964, 1965, 1966, will also have the Saturn Return. A Saturn Return happens approximately every 29.5 years (i.e., the duration of Saturn’s orbit around the sun), which means it lands in the same place in the sky, as it did when you were born – roughly around the time you turn 29. Generally, the “returns” is for approximately 2.5 to 3 years. These years are indeed transformative for all these individuals and how it will pan out could depend on where Saturn is present in your personal chart.

For people who have their Moon located in the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces in the birth chart, you are in the ‘Saade Sati’ or 7 and a half years transit, as I have mentioned earlier in the article. It’s a powerful time that needs to be made use of through prayers, meditation, satsang (keeping good company) and service to animals, the underprivileged and specially- abled. Set aside your egos as there is nothing to win or lose in this world of illusion. Saturn loves kindness – and think of Shani Bhagwan on Saturday and do something for others. And definitely worship Lord Hanuman, because He represents

1. Absolute Faith and Devotion
2. Strength, Courage and Confidence
3. Selfless Service
4. Joyful Surrender
5. Absence of Ego
6. Quick like the wind
7. Unlimited Power

The breakdown of the movement in the individual Nakshatras in Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) are as follows

Saturn in Dhanishta (Avittam) – Jan 16th – March 15th 2023

Saturn in Shatabisha (Sadayam): March 15th – June 17th 2023

Saturn (Retrograde) in Shatabisha: June 17th – October 15th 2023

Saturn (Retrograde) in Dhanishta: October 15th – November 4th 2023

Saturn Direct in Dhanista: November 4th – November 24th 2023

Saturn in Shatabisha: November 24th 2023 – April 6th 2024

Saturn in Poorva Bhadrapada (Poorataddi): April 6th -June 29th 2024

Saturn Retrograde in Poorva Bhadrapada: June 29th – October 3rd 2024

Saturn Retrograde in Shatabisha: October 3rd  – November 15th 2024

Saturn Direct in Shatabisha: November 15th -December 27th 2024

Saturn in Poorvabhadrapada: December 27th 2024 – March 28th 2025

Saturn himself represents healing and service to others, and when he transits through Shatabisha Nakshatra ( the nakshatra of a thousand healers), you can certainly expect new discoveries, studies and research in health and medicine that will benefit mankind.

Om Shanischaraye Namaha.

10 thoughts on “Saturn Transit (Gochara) into Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi)– 17th January 2023

  1. Very interesting – I like your perspective on what ‘Shani’ demands. I would be intersted to hear what a ‘Saturn return’ implies for the birthdates you mentioned.


    • Your birth was a big event, and so each Saturn Return sets you up for a rejuvenation- how you live your life, lifestyles, relationships. A choice is given to you – to reorganise your life. Saturn wants maturity. He helps with our ‘Karmic debts’. It is a major declutter- of things, thoughts , people. This is a window of opportunity.


  2. HE is one of my favourite planets too. I call HIM Shani Baba. I have experienced ‘things/signs’ after listening to the Shani Mahatyam that you had shared with me. I am so grateful you wrote about this mystical transit. Let us all perform our Karma and be blessed by Shani Baba.

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