Temples of Bangalore – Karyasiddhi Hanuman Temple, Girinagar©Sangeeta Venkatesh

The Karyasiddhi Anjaneya Temple, Girinagar is located nearly 30 kilometres away from where I live in Bangalore, yet it draws me to visit it again and again. Such are the vibrations of the temple. This temple was built under the aegis of the Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore, Karnataka, guided by Jagadguru Parama Pujya Dr. Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji.

Jagadguru Parama Pujya Dr. Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

Lord Hanuman is known as ‘Karyasiddhi’ or one who fulfils your desire. This is what beckons devotees here in the hope that the supreme devotee of Lord Rama, listens to their prayers and requests when they feel helpless. It is believed that every devotee’s wish has been fulfilled, if it was meant to benefit their lives. Lord Hanuman is one of the principal deities of Sanatana Dharma and is supposed to possess the ashtha siddhis, namely, Anima (ability to shrink oneself less than a molecule), Mahima (enlarging oneself infinitely), Garima (become infinitely heavy), Laghima (becoming almost weightless) , Prapti (reaching all places),  Prakamya (achieve whatever you desire) , Ishitva (achieve divinity/ divine powers)and Vashitva (the power to subdue all, especially the senses). He is also deeply compassionate.

The monolithic Hanuman statue; Picture courtesy: The author

As you enter the temple’s premises you are met with a huge monolithic statue of Lord Hanuman and a smaller version below it. The monolithic statue that weighs 200 tonnes was built under the guidance of a sculptor named Subramanya Archar and 18 sculptors worked to finish this sculpture that took 10 months to complete.

This octagonal shaped temple has five sannidhis dedicated to different deities. In the centre of the temple is the sannidhi for Lord Dattatreya. The sannidhis of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva in the form of a linga, Lord Ganesha and the Navagrahas are in a row. There is a sannidhi for Lord Subramanya Swami on the side too. The complex also has a large hall for religious functions. The temple walls have some amazing paintings of Lord Hanuman’s heroic deeds such as carrying the Sanjivani mountain to save Lakshmana who lay wounded in battle, the Ram Pattabhishekam etc.

Hanuman vigraha with ‘butter’ alankara or decoration; Courtesy: Internet

The devotee who asks for a boon is expected to perform a 16-day vratha or an act of resolve or penance. It is known as Poorna Phala, where a devotee ties a coconut in the temple premise after the priest guides him or her with a mantra. In the pre-Covid days, a devotee had to make 41 circumambulations of the temple on four days that includes the 1st and 16th day. During Covid times, the temple administration had modified the Poornaphala ritual and tied the coconut themselves and you could collect it on the 16th day. The circumambulation had been waived off. However, with the world opening up, the rituals are back to normal and the devotee has to do just 16 circumambulations.

On all days, the devotee has to chant the karyasiddhi mantra 108 times along with the chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa. Further, the devotee has to abstain from meat and alcohol during this period. On the 16th day, the coconut is given to the devotee with a small mantra chanting. The coconut is brought home and a sweet has to be prepared and distributed.

Flower vendors outside the temple, P.C: the author

The temple celebrates Hanuman Jayanthi in a grand manner for 12 days in the month of December, which is a grand twelve-day temple event.

Temple Timings

Morning – 06:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening – 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Poornaphala Samarpana Timings

Morning – 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening – 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Temple address:

3rd C main Rd, 1st phase Girinagar, Kadavanthra, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085

Phone:  080 2672 2269

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  1. Nice article Sangeeta felt divine connection . Hope to have darshan feel the vibration. Jaisiyaram.


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  2. Loved the article Sangeeta. My favourite temple with divine vibes and I can gaze at those amazing mural paintings for hours. Have visited many times and felt blessed.


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