Tathastu Resort, Pench National Park – a Review ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

Ramtek to Pench National Park NH 44, 38.5 km

It had been a tiring day for my husband who had spent the morning at work in Nagpur, the afternoon at Ramtek, and then towards sundown, we were driving towards the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh. It was dark by the time we reached the Tathasthu Resort, which is in the buffer zone of the Pench National Park, near the Turia Gate. This National Park is 90 kilometers from Nagpur – but more on that in another post.

We had pre-booked our Safari for the next day, but before that, all that we could think of was a good meal and a warm bed to snuggle into, as it was a pretty chilly November night. The check-in was smooth, and we checked into our ‘Tree-House’.

This is the first review of a property we have stayed in on this blog and I am doing it with great pleasure, as we received the best hospitality possible. The dinner was wholesome and tasty and after dinner, we sat by the bonfire and listen to some live singing. Our bags had been taken up into the Tree House, and it was time to call it a night as our Safari was scheduled at 6.30 am. It was after the morning safari, that we got around to enjoy and explore the resort. The property is spread over 15 acres and has villas, cave rooms, and the only Tree House that we had occupied.

Inside the Tree House Room

The room had enough space to keep luggage, a diwan, a comfortable bed. The bathroom was reasonably spacious with toiletries provided. However, the shower head had to be attended to. Adjoining the bathroom had a space with wardrobes and a long mirror. To get into the room, you need to climb a winding staircase. The ‘Tree House’ is not exactly a tree, but a construction that mimics one – and it was fun being ‘up there’.

Sharing my Instagram reel on the same 🙂

The Indian hospitality industry gets full marks only if the Food & Beverage division is good! I must say that the service and the food was exceptional and a shout out to the Chef, and the F & B manager Mr. Navin (both in the picture) for a wonderful culinary experience, which included the Saoji cuisine – the signature spicy and fiery cuisine of the Nagpur area.

The Buffet – not too much and not too little

For good spirits!!

As a sustainability professional, this was important!

Loved the quotes on the wall of the dining area

Some more pictures at the resort.

All in all – this was a short and sweet stay before we headed to Jabalpur. You can get more details on their activities, other facilities and also their contact details at this website.


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