Vistas of Vidarbha (Part 4) Nagpur and Beyond; Ganesh Tekdi & Swaminarayan Temple ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

In this article, I describe two temples of significance in Nagpur, the streets of Nagpur, and links to the other articles in the series and with that, it is a wrap of the Nagpur series. If you think people have more to experience in Nagpur, do leave a note in the comments.

Ganesh Tekdi Temple : The Ganesh Tekdi Temple has a very special place for the inhabitants of Nagpur. The swayambhu or self manifested temple is constructed on the Sitaburdi hill on Station Road. It gets it’s name as Ganesh Tekdi or “Takdicha Ganapati” means Ganpati of hills. Tekdi in Marathi means a hill. It is believed to be approximately 250 years old, but the current structure around it was built only in 1978 and was completed in 1984. Late Ganpatrao Joshi and other devotees enthusiastically participated in the construction of Shri Ganesh Tekdi Temple.

It is said that the idol of Ganesha was found buried along with the debris of an ancient temple built by Hemadri Pandit, a courtier of a Yadava king in the 12th century.

A selfie outside the Ganesh Tekdi Temple

Swaminarayan Mandir : Swaminarayan Mandir is located on Ring Road in Nagpur which is also known as Akshardham Temple. The temple is relatively new and was inaugurated in October 2013. The temple is the largest among over 1,000 temples established by Swaminarayan Sanstha across the world.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi and Narayan and is the 750th Swaminarayan temple. The idol of Lakshmi Narayan is made of marble; and there are idols of various Hindu deities like Sita-Ramji, Shiva-Parvatiji, Balaji and Shrinathji. In the evening, when the entire complex is lit up with lights, it is supposed to look even more beautiful. I really loved the architecture and the clean, verdant and serene environment of this temple. If you have time in Nagpur, you could go there too.

Shopping & Eating:

A must try sweet in the ‘Orange city’ of Nagpur is the Orange Barfi that can be found in many markets. Gulgula is a famous sweet which is serves with Tea (chai). It is also called “Desi Donuts” and I saw this in Mominpura. Halwa Paratha is another famous dessert found in the city.

Sweets found in Mominpura

Gulgula – A deep fried snack made of wheat flour and sugar

The bustling Bardi Market, where I found some nice Handloom yardage.

Sholapur Cotton Sarees

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Our next stop was the Pench National Park. So stay tuned for that! Subscribe to the blog for automatic notifications.

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