The dance of the Planets – How will it bode for India ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.” —Steven Forrest

I want to recapitulate some of the other articles of the past months to set the context here. Please note that these were written by understanding what experts have imparted. If you want to skip the older articles, please scroll down to the Jupiter and Pluto conjunctions and also the piece on India’s chart.


In the above article, we spoke about the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn on December 21st, 2020. This forebode a period of transformation, especially since Capricorn is an Earth sign and governs monetary and economic matters. I had written that “Astrologers warn about expecting a K- shaped economy. Usually economic performance of different sectors, industries, and groups within an economy differ to some extent, but in a K-shaped recovery some parts of the economy may see strong growth while others continue to decline. Needless to say, that we need to be cautious.” And when I wrote “If 2020 was eventful, brace yourself for 2021” – I had no clue how things would unravel.

Next, in this article I mentioned the Stellium that was due to occur in February 2021.  A stellium involves a conjunction of three or more planets, which in essence merge together to form a powerful self-contained “mega planet.” Capricorn (♑︎) is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac out of twelve total zodiac signs, originating from the constellation of Capricornus, the horned goat. In Vedic Astrology, Capricorn represents the systems of power and government. This Stellium in Capricorn (Venus, Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and also the Moon) indicates the colossal changes that will be occurring globally in many nations. And in June, we are looking at how each country is coping.

This one in 2021 was even more intense, due to the formation of the Kalasarpa Yoga in which all the planets lie within one side of the axis of the lunar nodes and are moving toward Rahu- the Moon’s North Node. India has a Taurus ascendant chart so the Stellium was taking place in 9th house. The planets are giving us an opportunity to grow and we should not lose the opportunity to formulate policies to enhance our financial and economic situation. But did we do it? Perhaps we squandered the opportunity by not concentrating enough on a vaccine policy and economic condition that we had inherited from last year’s lockdown.

Then came March. Rahu-Mars conjunction in March which is called the Angarak Yoga and has destructive impacts. And Rahu has the tendency to blow it out of proportion. Again, Mars was transiting Taurus (India’s lagna) – and conjoined Rahu on March 26th. Enough warning again.  Planets were also in Gandanta in March and April asking us to be ready for some extreme weather. You would have read about planets in Gandanta in my previous articles.

The dance of Jupiter and Pluto & Saturn and Rahu

Here you can read about the Jupiter and Pluto conjunctions, which has always given rise to pandemics. So is it the case that every time Jupiter and Pluto become conjunct that a pandemic arises? That is every 12 years. Perhaps not as we have observed. I had mentioned that Saturn and Rahu also play a part and as astrologer Satish Menon explains how the 4 planets collectively play a part in wide-spread health panic. So, Jupiter and Pluto together do give rise to health issues but with the involvement of Saturn and Rahu, it takes gargantuan proportions.

Menon explains how every 100 years, a healthcare disease takes widespread epidemic.

  • For instance, during the great bubonic plague in Marseille, France in 1720, the disease killed a total of 100,000 people: 50,000 in the city during the next two years and another 50,000 to the north in surrounding provinces and towns.

Menon has extrapolated the positions of Jupiter and Pluto according to the astronomical data available now and he sees that Jupiter is in Virgo and Pluto is in Leo in close proximity. In addition, if you look at the positions of Saturn and Rahu, they form a trine (that is they are 5 houses away from each other). Saturn is ruler of Karma and Rahu and Ketu denote the karmic wheel and both together dispense their justice to mankind.

Courtesy: Astrologer Satish Menon
  • Going ahead in time in 1820, the world saw the occurrence of the Asiatic Cholera (1820-21). While it started in Jessore, near Kolkata in 1817, from contaminated rice, it quickly spread throughout most of India, modern-day Myanmar, and modern-day Sri Lanka by traveling along trade routes established by Europeans.
Courtesy: Astrologer Satish Menon

By 1820, cholera had spread to Thailand, Indonesia (killing 100,000 people on the island of Java alone) and the Philippines. From Thailand and Indonesia, the disease made its way to China in 1820 and Japan in 1822 via infected people on ships.  In 1821, British troops traveling from India to Oman brought cholera to the Persian Gulf. The disease eventually made its way to European territory, reaching modern-day Turkey, Syria and Southern Russia.

So where are Jupiter and Pluto in this time period. Jupiter is in Aquarius and Pluto is in the adjacent sign of Pisces. And lo and behold Saturn and Rahu are conjunct with Pluto!

  • Let’s move ahead to the 1920’s. This was the time the Spanish Flu lifted is head. You can go back to my previous article and read that according to history books, the Spanish Flu made its appearance on March 4th 1918. It was one of the deadliest pandemics. On that day, Pluto was in Gemini at 10 degrees and Jupiter was in the previous sign of Taurus also at 10 degrees and the first wave started then. There was exactly a difference of 30 degrees between them, and Saturn and Rahu were again in a trine.
  • Moving to the current pandemic, you could head to my previous article for the position of Jupiter and Pluto that shows that they are conjunct at various time points of 2020-21. And Saturn and Rahu also form a trine during this time period. So it is reasonable to expect that the pandemic will start to abate when both Jupiter and Pluto will move away from each other’s influence and Saturn and Rahu also break the trine. So when can that be expected? Rahu moves away from Taurus to Aries in February 2022 and breaks the trine connection. And as mentioned in my previous article Jupiter will move into Pisces (it’s own sign) from Aquarius in April 2022. It is then, perhaps the world will start getting some relief. Till then every part of the world has to take precautionary measures such as masking and speeding up vaccinations.

Do understand our free will and decisions play a huge part.

The Indian story: As far as India is concerned, we have seen immense pain in the first half of the year. India’s chart according to the Independence Day, is one of Taurus lagna/ rising . On June 10, 2021, we saw that a solar eclipse occurred at 25 degrees of Taurus in the Mrigashira nakshatra.

Natal Chart of India 15th August 1947, 12.01 am ; Source Internet

The chart has Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio and this is exactly where the two Nodes are transiting, indicating a ‘Nodal Return’ for India. When the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, return to their original placement in a birth chart, there is a new karmic path that has to be undertaken or alternatively you will be forced to do so. Most planets are also housed in Cancer which is the 3rd house. It houses Mercury, Moon, Venus, Sun, Saturn and Pluto- which is a major Stellium of planets. Here transiting Saturn, which is in Capricorn is right opposite and aspecting the natal Saturn in Cancer. Third house also deals with communication and travel and both these are getting affected tremendously and in turn the economy. Saturn transiting and going retrograde is activating all these planets.

Also transiting Saturn will return over the natal Moon and Saturn in January 2022, so there could be a re-emergence of the virus in 2022. You could see the link below for the relation between Saturn and India’s natal moon.


However, today as I write on 20th June, Jupiter is going retrograde and the transiting Jupiter will cast aspect to Mars in the Indian chart in the second house, which is beneficial. It indicates an awakening and hopefully the veil over the eyes are getting shifted. Jupiter as it was stationing is in the nakshatra Shatabhisha (the star of the 100 healers) and hopefully the population will start looking at their health, nutrition and also start getting their vaccinations.  But it will be a while till recovery takes place

Mars, however, rules the 7th house (house of opponents) where Ketu is transiting. So, there is a certainty that we have to be alert with any hostile neighbours or other countries. Around the time, June 3rd and July 21st, transiting Mars will be transiting over Cancer and opposing the natal Saturn. As these occurs all the planets will be activated indicating major problems in economy, fuel prices and other issues triggered by the corona virus. July 5th and 6th are dates to watch out for – and the first week of July is when we have to be on the highest alert.

It is in April 2022, when Jupiter casts a trine on the 3rd house of the Indian chart that is benefic, which will be the likely time that will mark the resurgence of India. So it is extremely important that vaccinations reach everyone soon, no non-essential congregations are avoided (including election campaigns by governments). We have to singularly focus on stopping the virus and uplifting the economy.

Jupiter Retrograde: You all have read about retrograde planets in my previous articles. Retrograde planets seemingly look as if they are going backwards as we see from Earth, even though they are going in their usual orbit. This is when the planets are comparatively closer to Earth. Astrologically retrograde planets are stronger. The retrogression of Jupiter starting from June 20th/21st  is in Aquarius (from Shathabisha to Dhanishta). Shathabisha is a higher vibration of Rahu and is all about healing. A retrogression here shows that some unfinished work to healing will get done. Maybe there will be an overhauling of the medical infrastructure or the vaccination drives could increase. The retrogression will also be in Capricorn till it goes direct till mid- October. Jupiter is a natural benefic and the benefic nature is enhanced during retrogression.

So on that positive note, let’s focus on cautious optimism.

(My obeisance to Sage Parasara who gave us the treatise Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra; Sage VarahaMihira who wrote the Brihat Samhita Hora, and the current astrologers Joni Patry, Komilla Sutton, Satish Menon and a host of other experts who have made astrology comprehensible to the layman. I am attempting this essay only because of them. Any errors are only mine)

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