March 2021- Transit of Planets ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

A soothsayer in the Shakespearean play warned Julius Ceaser, ‘Beware of the Ides of March’. This sounds ominous, but let me assure you that for the people who follow dharma it will be as good a month as any other, but not vice versa! And here’s why…..

Illustration for Julius Caesar from an edition of William Shakespeare’s works published 1858.
 Universal History Archive—Getty Images

After the 6-planet stellium in Capricorn conjunction of February, the major formation this month (March 2021) is the Rahu-Mars conjunction in March which is called the Angarak Yoga and has destructive impacts. And Rahu has the tendency to blow it out of proportion. While Mars is transiting in Taurus it will conjoin Rahu by March 26th which will activate latent emotions around the world. The Kala Sarpa Yoga is also on till the end of the month. We need to be careful about natural and man-made disasters that can get triggered by Mars-Rahu conjunction between 22 February and 14 April. This has the potential to trigger volcanic activities, earthquakes, and parasitic or viral diseases. Perhaps the Corona Virus or a mutant will resurface again.

Things appear to be quiet, but the New Moon in Aquarius, (March 13th) conjunct Neptune indicates that somethings are happening underground that cannot be seen.

After the Capricorn stellium last month, the New Moon on March 13th, will have Mercury, Venus, Neptune, the Sun, and Moon all in Aquarius and Aquarius- with the sign of a water-bearer represents humanity.

March 11: Mercury entered Aquarius

Mercury is the planet of communications and how we connect with each other. Aquarius is all about humanity. As Mercury comes into this sign, there is an opening of information we didn’t have access to. And as it transits over Neptune on March 30th, we may be in for some surprises.

India also observed the holy night of Maha Shivaratri.

Shiva – literally means -that which is not, also represented by darkness. The moon on the Chaturdashi on Shiva ratri has waned so much and only a wee bit is seen- a day before the new moon. The strength of the moon is supposed to be the least on our minds on Chaturdashi. ShivaRatri of the Phalgun month is supposedly his favourite and hence it is MahaShivaratri.

The MahaShivaRatri of 2021 is interesting astrologically. Jupiter – the guru is in the Dhanishta nakshatra whose symbol is the damru, which is associated with Shiva!!

March 13: New Moon 28 degrees Aquarius

On this day the New Moon is conjunct Neptune. Neptune is representative of deceptions and as truth emerges, there will be opposing beliefs and talk of conspiracies. While we have to be discerning, it may be difficult as many things about the media could be revealed in the days to come. Head on shoulders is the key point. But it is the month of May when Jupiter stations in Aquarius is the turning point globally when the common man gets control- especially media. The story of David vs Goliath may get replayed.

A story like this is only a precursor.

March 14th : Sun transits to Pisces, known as Meena Sankaranthi. Women in Tamil Nadu observe the Karadaiyan Nombu for the welfare of their husband and family. I will write an article on this soon. This festival is on the lines of how women in North India celebrate Karva Chauth and you can find the article on Karva Chauth here.

Celebration of Karadaiyan Nombu

March 16: Venus enters Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces representing extreme power in the areas Venus rules, such as art, music, movies, areas of luxury. Look out for possible advances in these fields.

Since Mars transits through Taurus during this time, it also picks up strength because Venus is the dispositor planet of Mars and because Taurus is ruled by Venus. The dispositor is a planet in whose sign another planet is located and the resident planet gains strength when its dispositor is also strong.

March 22: Mars Trine Saturn 16 degrees Taurus/Capricorn

A trine occurs when planets in the same element (fire, earth, air, and water) aspect each other. Here Mars and Saturn trine in the Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn- and earth signs indicate a focus on financial matters worldwide.

  • Taurus concerns our food supply and farming for which major changes are due to correct many problems.
  •  Financial aid will be given to all areas dealing with farming and the food industry

March 25: Venus is Cazimi the Sun 12 degrees Pisces;

& Mercury is at the midpoint of Rahu and Ketu. 

The Venus Cazimi occurs once a year – the time when Venus is exactly conjunct with the Sun. Like I had mentioned in the January transits when Jupiter was Cazimi on January 27th, the Cazimi position is prevalent in western astrology, when a planet comes within a specific range to the Sun, it becomes one with Sun instead of combust (weakened). This means the problem of combustion is mitigated on this one day and you can use this day wisely to make decisions around finances and money, as Venus rules luxury and money. It is a special day for romance and love as well. Rest of the month Venus is combust.

March 26: Mars Conjunct Rahu 19 degrees Taurus

This day is huge!! This is an aspect of war and this conjunction could well be a turning point for money and finance globally and moreover Taurus is all about finances. Watch out for the markets, news about the elite and millionaires!

Getty Images

March 28: Full Moon 14 Virgo

The full Moon brings into fruition of the events that were indicated during the new Moon. This Full Moon is in Virgo and is exactly opposite the Venus and Sun conjunction. Venus will surely lend this Full Moon more brilliance and we should hope that something good can come about soon. Since Virgo, the natural 6th house of hard work, is also about research, investigation especially about health, it means that health and healing will accelerate. News and research about the origin of the virus will also be published.

The Full Moon further is in the Nakshatra Hasta and this nakshatra is ruled by the Moon. So, the Moon (that governs the mind) is exceedingly strong and represents a clear intelligence. The deity is Savitur – the first rays of the Sun which removes darkness. Savitr has golden arms, and is broad-handed or beautiful-handed (Hasta means hand), which represents dexterity with hand and tools. He illumines the air, heaven and earth, the world, the spaces of the earth, the vault of heaven. This really augurs well for uncovering the truth about health and healing the planet.

March 29th: Mars breaks the Kaalasarpa formation degree, on 29 March.

March 31: Mercury enters Pisces  

Mercury is unfortunately debilitated in Pisces. It also activates transiting Jupiter because Jupiter rules Pisces.

The end of March is a transition period — during the time that Mars transits through Taurus with Rahu from February 22 – April 13. April will have severe weather as planets approach the Ghandanta degrees (28-29 degrees) in Pisces.

 Not to sound dramatic, but it is intriguing to wonder about the Mars and Rahu transit in Taurus (especially since it is the ascendant sign for India) and what kind of world we will get to witness after April 2021.

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