February Transits- It’s a Party in Capricorn©Sangeeta Venkatesh

Oops I am late again!

But without much ado, lets dive into the transits of planets in February. There is an unusual phenomenon that is happening in the skies this month. In my previous article I mentioned about the “Stellium” that is occurring in the sign of Capricorn.  A stellium involves a conjunction of three or more planets, which in essence merge together to form a powerful self-contained “mega planet.” Capricorn (♑︎) is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac out of twelve total zodiac signs, originating from the constellation of Capricornus, the horned goat. In Vedic Astrology, Capricorn represents the systems of power and government.

  • The Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter, the three biggies are already there in Capricorn since January. Sun will be here till here till February 12th and we see many planets gathering here. 
  • Venus entered Capricorn on January 27th.

February 5th: In addition, Mercury was also there in Capricorn since January 3rd to January 25th only to turn back on February 5th. It could mean that there will be backtracking of many of the former regulations that have been in place before and re-adjustments due to people-power.

February 11th: Moon also moved into Capricorn on 9th, 10th and 11th. In addition, there is a New Moon on the 11th in the last degrees of Capricorn (Dhanishta Nakshatra) -which is the Magha Amavasya. These last degrees represent old age with wisdom and maturity.  The last degree of the sign represents a last and final event before we can move onto something new, especially regarding the government and business.

This means a lot more finishing up events will occur before a new beginning starts. So, it is all about rebuilding. During this time Jupiter and Venus are conjunct at 18 degrees in Capricorn. Though they are benefics, they represent opposite factions. So, this month is certainly about a lot of work.

In addition, Pluto is also into Capricorn. You can read more about Pluto in Capricorn in the previous article. This makes it 7 planets in Capricorn till February 12th. This stellium brings an intense focus on the sign and house in which it occurs. This one in 2021 is even more intense, due to the formation of the Kalasarpa Yoga in which all the planets lie within one side of the axis of the lunar nodes and are moving toward Rahu- the Moon’s North Node.

Picture taken somewhere near Mandya, Karnataka

This Stellium in particular is significant as it includes the lords of dharma and karma, Jupiter and Saturn, and also because Saturn is the ruler (dispositor) of all the planets in Capricorn. Saturn represents the common man and the affairs associated with him.  Capricorn and Saturn represent pragmatism; hard work, crops and farms, law and order; security issues and police; nationalism and tighter borders between countries; business, industry, building, land and infrastructure development; organizational development; and mineral wealth and mines, all of which could be highlighted and enhanced by the Capricorn Stellium. We are already observing the effects since January. Across the world, nations will be affected depending on the house it will affect in each country’s chart. Jupiter though debilitated in Capricorn is still expansive. The rich want to get richer and the common man will rebel.

India has a Taurus ascendant chart so the Stellium is taking place in 9th house. This grand conjunction of planets also aspects the 3rd house of the chart. The 3rd house is the house of neighbours and hence, we need to be alert and careful about our borders and relations with neighbouring countries. But as the Stellium is taking place in 9th house, the planets are giving us an opportunity to grow and we should not lose the opportunity to formulate policies to enhance our financial and economic situation. This formation or conjunction in Capricorn had occurred on February 4th 1962. After which the Indo-China war had occurred. The saving grace is that Mars is not part of the Stellium this time, so it could be a ‘war-like’ situation rather than a full-fledged war. After 1962, the progress of automatons/ robots really took off. Perhaps this time is the turn of artificial intelligence (AI). Astrologers also predict news of contact with aliens that will surface.

So- to reiterate; on February 11, the day of the New Moon, there will be seven planets in Capricorn. At the time of the New Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are all in the nakshatra Shravana, whose symbol is an ear and represents listening. Indeed, it is time to listen to what people are saying. Shravana Nakshatra also represents intelligence and pertains to learning.  Across the globe there is a disquiet that people’s voices are not being heard. The reaction/ transformation can be expected around March to May. It will be hard for a generation to accept transformation. April – June are months to watch for revelations, maybe by a young person. February looks like a good month for stock markets.

 While all these planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) are in Capricorn, Mars is in Aries with Uranus forming a square (90 degrees) aspect to all seven planets. Both Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs, which represent change (The cardinal signs are the frontrunners of the zodiac universe as they initiate the beginning of the four seasons.) .

February 20: Venus enters Aquarius

Venus here may actually give out a sigh of relief coming out of the rule conscious Capricorn. Aquarius is the sign of humanity and brings situations that protect the environment and human rights. It is a good time for women leaders too.

February 21: Mars enters Taurus

Taurus already has Rahu since last year and with Mars approaching Rahu, it could be a turning point for some volatility. The degree point that Mars will conjoin Rahu is 19 degrees of Taurus in the month of March is something humanity has to watch out for as it indicates fermenting anger that could lead to extreme violence and possibly war. The purpose of astrology here is to mitigate and prevent such situations.

February 21: Mercury Direct 16 degrees Capricorn

Mercury turning direct will ensure that projects that were stuck will begin to move forward and this will include new change in governmental laws. However, as Mercury is stationing very close to Saturn, critical problems with business and jobs will seem difficult to be resolved while in Capricorn. Mercury close to Saturn may bring a setback in the airline industry. 

February 27: Full Moon 14 degrees Leo in Purva Phalguni 

The Full Moon in Leo (representing the king, the boss, the head of a family) represents power in leadership. By then, the vaccine distribution should take steam and the hope of reclaiming our lives because of the end of coronavirus should make people optimistic even though social unrest will take over at this time. Travel, entertainment and parks should start making a comeback.

The anxiety of coronavirus is still there and to that astrologers say that as Rahu and Ketu transit in Taurus and Scorpio, it will bring healing. By March of 2022, COVID 19 as we know should be gone, if not earlier. The transit of the nodes in these signs pertains to healing. To remind my readers from my previous articles that it was when Rahu was in Taurus and Ketu was in Scorpio that there was the discovery of the smallpox vaccine and the discovery of penicillin.

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