Guest Blog: Thoughts on World Saree Day- December 21st

Picture taken by Sangeeta Venkatesh – somewhere in North Karnataka

December 21st is observed as World Sari Day. I am not very clear about how the day was chosen, but a day dedicated to perhaps one of the world’s oldest unstitched garment makes sense. I had previously shared a number of weaves where the models have draped in the popular ‘Nivi style’. Do click on this link to read more.

However, a day before World Saree Day, I was on the highway somewhere between Hubli and Dharwad in the state of Karnataka and managed to capture the picture shared of a lady in the above as the car sped by. In this post, Shweta Sundar, a writer and artist shares some poignant reflections as a response to the picture.

“Before the rooster coos her morning awake.

She gets up , her face set in a smile, real or fake?

She ties her nine yards around her body with actions swift.

Her body a mechanical mannequin, holds the drape in place with pleats and twist.

She runs with her burden on her head, with heavy heart and soul.

A long journey ahead with many thoughts and worries taking their toll.

Her drape has as many warps as wefts as the fabric of her life.

A symbol of her status and a protector of her honour, it has roles rife.

Neither a fashion statement, nor a gift cherished, it is for her, just a saree.

Though creased and torn , she wears it with pride and that, according to me is this brave woman’s story.”

All rights reserved with Swetha Sundar.

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