The last leg- December ’20 transits ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

We are now in the last leg of a year that has shocked us beyond belief, though the Hindu New Year will be three months later. But, what are the planets telling us in December? Will it be a crescendo for an eventful year that has transpired?

To understand this, we need to review the November transits along with the transits in December, so I will be taking parts from my previous article. I will try to keep things as simple as I can. After all the purpose of astrology is to be better prepared! A lot of people worry that astrologers create fear-mongering, but that is far from the truth. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, goes a quote. Last year, astrologers actually warned people to build on their immune system and even lose weight! So many people benefited from that advice.

On November 14, Mars went Direct 21 degrees Pisces. It has been seen in the past that whenever Mars was retrograde in Virgo, it has always led to a health crisis, whether it was the Spanish flu, the Ebola virus to mention a few. As you can see that at the moment, Mars in Pisces has a direct aspect to Virgo and hence there has been a spike in the Coronavirus. On December 24th, Mars moves out of Pisces into Aries and this a date that is worth waiting for – for the virus issues to abate. Things should go back to the normalcy as we knew earlier by March-April 2021. But between 21st and 24th  December, Mars will be in Gandanta and then there are other challenging transits that have disturbing energies. You can refer to my earlier articles on Gandanta.

On November 30, there was Lunar Eclipse 14 degrees Taurus; Interestingly, this Lunar eclipse was extremely close to the fixed star Jyeshta or Antares – which is the star of war. These two transits are expected to uncover many truths that the world is waiting for.

On November 20: Jupiter entered Capricorn will remain till April 5th, 2021. On 6th April it enters Aquarius till 21st June 2021. It then becomes retrograde and then enters Capricorn again on 15th September, 2021. On 18th October, 2021 it becomes direct and on 21st November, 2021 it finishes its journey in Capricorn and moves into the next sign of Aquarius.

This is an important transit. Though Jupiter (Guru- who shows us direction) is debilitated in Capricorn, it is positioned with Saturn in its own house. This position cancels the debilitation to a large extent and is known as the Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.

Jupiter and Saturn meet together in a sign after every 20 year, but this meeting in Capricorn is happening after 60 years and astrologers have their reasons to indicate this as the beginning of a New Age. Astrology informs us that the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycles are pivotal in assessing socio-political-economic trends.  When those conjunctions occur in one element over many decades, in fact often over 200 years, we pay great attention to that element, whether it is Fire, Earth, Air or Water, and what are the likely themes due to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in a given element. 

This transit is bound to give good results – but it has a rider. Since Saturn is the planet of discipline; you have to depend on very hard-work rather than luck. And it is so important to be humble, polite and civil! Basically, the Yama (ethics) and Niyama (discipline), which is part of Patanjali’s Ashthanga Yoga will play an important part.

Those in leadership positions in governments will have a challenging time, especially if their policies are against the common man – since Capricorn is all about government and Saturn is about the common man. What Saturn teaches; you don’t forget. Saturn reminds us that we are accountable to a higher source of power and we have to align our free-will with it. This is the time where free-will will meet fate!

The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction: In continuation to this transit, on December 21st, which is the Capricorn solstice, these two giants; Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 6 degrees of Capricorn in the Uttarashada Nakshatara. Jupiter reaches its exact degree of debilitation (5 degrees) on 16 Dec 2020. Jupiter and Saturn stay tight in conjunction (graha yudh) till 18 Dec. They come in close conjunction again from 21 Dec to 24 Dec 2020 when Jupiter reaches 6 degrees.

So, what are these energies all about? Which planet will be dominant, since the two planets have contrasting energies? It is no wonder that this is called the great conjunction when two biggies meet together.

The last time they were conjunct together in Capricorn was on February 18th 1961 where they were together at 1 degree in Uttarashada Nakshatra and we see how much the world changed in the next two decades. This position is all about transformation and has to be taken very seriously. Capricorn is an Earth sign and governs monetary and economic matters. Top-Down hierarchies will be demolished for more flexible-flat structures and people oriented.

For India, which has a Taurus ascendant, the similar transit that happened in the year 1961, occurred in the 9th house. We saw that we had conflicts with our neighbours, but things also changed at the economic level. There were growth spurts, but at the cost of some vigorous churning. This conjunction is about dharma and karma, which means you have to do things with righteousness, otherwise there will be repercussions. For individuals, it is advised that you enhance your skills, so as to stay relevant and employable in the coming years. Astrologers warn about expecting a K- shaped economy. Usually economic performance of different sectors, industries, and groups within an economy differ to some extent, but in a K-shaped recovery some parts of the economy may see strong growth while others continue to decline. Needless to say, that we need to be cautious.

December 14th, 20 – There is a solar eclipse happening that is happening very close to the Gandanta point in the constellation of Scorpio in the Jyeshta nakshatra. It is a total solar eclipse, that is happening in the southern hemisphere. These degrees have strong energies as they involve water and fire transitions (you can visualise the scene when you throw water on a hotplate – there is a sizzling sound and a lot of vapour).  

In India it will start on this solar eclipse will start at 07:03 in the evening and it will end at 12:23 pm. This eclipse involves Sun and Ketu conjunction in the 4th pada of Jyeshtha. Whenever eclipse is in Jyeshtha (which represents responsibility and people in power), it will effect people in authority. In addition, Mercury is also close to Ketu; so is Venus and the also the Moon. As we see there are 5 planets involved. Secrets related to people in power will emerge in about three months from the eclipse.

The clash of Sun and Ketu is a time for soul realignment- an eclipse will accelerate it. Since this is in Scorpio and Ketu is involved in the eclipse, the transformation will be a result of your past life deeds. In general the impact of the eclipses is seen more on the larger global and political context but if something is impacting the world, all of us also get impacted by it. Whether it is visible in your location or not, it does not matter – as this is a cosmic event. In addition, it is happening in Scorpio which is the natural 8th house- the house of transformation.

The Path of the Eclipse; December 14th, ’20

The role of Mars (ruling planet of Scorpio), naturally will be important. Currently Mars is in Pisces which is a water sign. It is 5th from place of eclipse which influences education, learning, and sacrifice. This eclipse will influence the Naval supremacy around the world. There may be water related events near coasts. The Gandanta energy redefines life. Sun is Atma or soul, Mercury is Buddhi (Chith)/ Intellect, Moon is mind and Venus has the power to resurrect from the dead, with Ketu involved there will be a spiritual trigger.  Ketu will reveal secrets and will demand a fresh start. Ketu with Mercury also tells us that something could be wrong with media and communication! And these secrets are long overdue. Hopefully, truth will prevail and this will heal the world too. And this is the underlying tone for 2021! If 2020 was eventful, brace yourself for 2021.

With the Jupiter- Saturn transit in addition, this promises to be a life-altering cycle for humans. The process of change will be gradual but definite.  There will be financial realignment at the global level, legislations, countries will realign with each other, teachers will get prominence, there may be natural events.

On a personal level, here are some tips:

1. Don’t take important decisions around the time of the eclipse

 2. Don’t get into confrontations with your father/ anyone in authority and the converse is also true.

3.  Meditate on the day of the eclipse, the Universe will speak to you. Let the energies subside. Donate clothes; food.

Important dates:

10th December: Venus goes into Scorpio

14th December: Solar Eclipse; New Moon

15th December: Sun transits to Sagittarius

17th December: Mercury transits to Sagittarius

24th December : Mars goes into Aries

29th December: Full moon day

(My obeisance to Sage Parasara who gave us the treatise Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra; Sage VarahaMihira who wrote the Brihat Samhita Hora, and the current astrologers Joni Patry, Komilla Sutton, Satish Menon and a host of other experts who have made astrology comprehensible to the layman. I am attempting this essay only because of them. Any errors are only mine)

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  1. Wow! We are living through some really transformative times, there is hope of plenty of light at the end of the tunnel!
    Thanks for the tips at a personal level and a very interesting article.

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