The Sun in Leo and the Gandanta Points©Sangeeta Venkatesh

In my last article, I mentioned and tried to explain the Gandanta points. In that context, the next few days could possibly be very unique days in human history.

  1. The annual transit of Sun (the king) into Leo (Simha Rashi, Magha Nakshatra) is happening on 16th August from Cancer (Karaka Rashi- Ashlesha Nakshatra) – where it will be in its own sign. This is Simha Sankaranti. The Sun’s transition is at the starting 3 degrees of Magha Nakshatra – the  Gandanta pada. You can refer to the chart here.
  2. Also on 16th August, Mars (the chief of army)  would have moved direct into fiery Aries from watery Pisces (Mesha Rashi- Ashwini 1st pada). This makes Mars also to be in Gandanta.
  3. Mercury (the accountant and messenger) on 18th August is also moving Leo (Simha Rashi) a day after Sun will also be in Gandanta point. It is also combust. A special warning for scientists who are working on the vaccine, Mercury represents the scientific mind and hence this is not the right time to rush into a release of a vaccine. Mercury will be exalted in September and hence its better to wait it out,
  4. Ketu, in Moola is already on the Gandanta point (1st Pada of Sagittarius or Dhanur Rashi).
Courtesy : Drik Panchang

Hence, there are four planets in Gandanta, something that has not been seen in a long, long time. As you may read in the previous article Gandanta is the end of a knot – a Karmic or spiritual knot. So, this moment in time will make you reflect on the karmic knots of your life and will urge you to untie it. If the King, the Senapati/ chief of army, the messenger and accountant – the nervous system and sensory organs are in Gandanta, then life is bound to transform. World over, there will be a transformation either subtle or gross. When the Sun, Mars and Mercury come out of the Gandanta, an unlock of life will occur- whether in small or big measure. Humanity should start to flourish-  as Sun is in his own house, Mars is in his own house and Jupiter is retrograde in his own house.

Sun in Zodiac Signs - Sun in Leo
Sun in Leo

But it is the Sun that we have to focus on as he is in full command and will make his presence felt. Even in Gandanta, the Sun in Magha Nakshatra will be powerful. It will help burn and help deal with the negativity with his purity. During this period, the chanting of any strotra/ shloka in praise of Suryavanshi Lord Rama will be immensely beneficial. The Rama Raksha stotra is highly recommended (link given below). Sun is soul- Sun is atman.

Last month Sun was in Cancer and right opposite Saturn- if you recall from an earlier article. But now Sun will move into his own house and Saturn too will be in his own house. With the father and son being in their comfort zone could also mean that there will be a power struggle between them ( the government and the common man; boss and subordinate,) . So anything that concerns one’s ego, the justice of Saturn will be humbling on an individual. But if the focus on self is about one’s self-realisation then there will be immense progress.

There will be other planetary considerations in your personal horoscopes, but needless to say that the next month will be important for humanity- even if we do not realise it. The impact of this month may come a few months later and you could trace it back to the day. With Mercury in conjunction with Sun, the communication and confidence will be a lot better. Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius will allow many to reflect on dharma and going back to their scriptures. Mars will create a desire for this. This is a time where we don’t want to rush into things; take time to heal; spread positive messages; focus on efficient calibration of your energy. Words will play an important role. The Lord Hanuman will direct your energies. This is not the time for war but for preparation.

But the negatives would be that you will have to work doubly hard to overcome ‘enemies’ (literal and psychological) -and many would give up along the way. Hence, you may think that the tunnel is long and dark and give up. This is where your personal resilience will come into play. This time is indeed unique and will never come back- so make use of the time to chant mantras. Be optimistic and with head held high and plan. Anger, anxiety, irritation has to be checked at all cost. Listen to your body and look at your health minutely. Don’t be irresponsible on social media and be a ‘keyboard warrior’.

Please also notice in the image above, that Rahu in Gemini is six houses from Saturn and Saturn is eight house away from Rahu- something known as Shadashthak yoga – the 6-8 combination of enmity in Vedic astrology. In addition, Sun in Leo and Saturn in Capricorn also have this Shadashtak Yoga. So if an individual moves away from dharma– then the illusion of Rahu can create trouble and can cause disrepute. So the bottomline is that the brightness of the Sun has to be harnessed well and in the right away. Understand your self-worth without ego.

Have a blessed month ahead.

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