The Progress of the Planets ; August 2020 ©Sangeeta Venkatesh

(My obeisance to Sage Parasara who gave us the treatise Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra; Sage VarahaMihira who wrote the Brihat Samhita Hora, and the current astrologers Joni Patry, Komilla Sutton and a host of other experts who have made astrology comprehensible to the layman. I am attempting this essay only because of them. Any errors are only mine)

It’s an unusual year and like the previous months, a lot is happening in the Universe and with the planets this August. The most important event occurring this month is transiting Mars that is slowing down in preparation to turn retrograde on September 9th. But before that, it will enter 0 degrees of Aries on August 16th, where it will be Gandanta (last degrees of water and first degree of fire).  It means that it has done a whole round of the zodiac.

So, what is Gandanta Point?

Gandanta points are transitions between last degrees of a water sign and first degrees of fire signs in Vedic astrology. These are

  • 29 degrees Pisces to 0 degrees Aries,
  • 29 degrees Scorpio to 0 degrees Sagittarius,
  • 29 degrees Cancer to 0 degrees Leo. 
Gandanta – the Spiritual Knot

Gandanta is supposed to be the junction points in the zodiac that are particularly connected with times of soul growth. Gand means a knot and Anta means the end. A well-tied knot as we know is always difficult to untangle and so it with this knot too.  Gandanta represents a knot within ourselves, a deep issue, which we are trying to reconcile with. To untie it would be similar to removing the gunk and filth in a water pipe, so that the flow of the water becomes smooth. Needless to say, that it represents a major transformation.  The whole zodiac is visioned to have three nodes at zero degree Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, which are also called the Brahma randhra (eye of Brahma, the creator) or Vishnu Nabhi (the navel of Vishnu, showing the beginning of creation). To understand Gandanta, we need to understand the creation process. The creation process is cyclical, which starts with creation and ends with dissolution. This cycle involves the four elements of nature, namely, Fire, Earth, Air and Water – in that order. Thus the start of creation is shown at the beginning of Aswini (start of the fire sign Aries), Magha (start of Leo) and Moola (start of Sagittarius), the end of destruction is represented by Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati, which falls in the ending part of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, which are water signs.

In addition, may I mention that the location of the Galactic Centre of our galaxy, which is a black hole, is found in Sagittarius and the Mula Nakshatra ruled by Ketu.

The Galactic Centre
0º00- 3º20AriesAshwini
0º00- 3º20LeoMagha
0º00- 3º20SagittariusMula
The Gandanta Points

When planets are placed in these positions, they face uncertainty as they try to untie the secret knot that will take them on to the next level. These issues make themselves felt in the life of the individual, through personal relationships, traumatic events or inner struggles. This can be a very good position as well, as it can create a much needed balance, as you learn to come to terms with the reality of today. This realisation is extremely essential if you have to move forward. This mental adjustment usually opens the knot and brings happiness

Some astrologers equate Gandanta with a feeling of ‘drowning’ or a feeling that things are not in their control. This month, that August 2020, Sun, Mercury and Mars are in Gandanta. Mars goes retrograde and then Gandanta again on October 5th – 7th in Pisces.  Mars then goes direct and then goes Gandanta again December 22th and 25th  (again in 29 degrees Pisces). Mars is energy and is vital in astrology. These are the dates that astrologers are warning the world about water-related events like major floods in most parts of the world and even anger in masses.

So what is happening this month? These planets will affect the world depending on the personal horoscopes of countries. In addition to the transit of Mars, the transit of Venus from Taurus to Gemini will be an interesting one. These are just preparations for the rest of 2020.

  1. August 1st: Mercury enters Cancer and Venus in Gemini

Venus has moved from Taurus to Gemini. Venus in Taurus has not been good for celebrities all over the world, as we have seen and this transit will be a relief. Venus in Gemini (Mrigashira) is efficient and communicating its talent throughout the world. Venus represents beauty, arts, nature and happiness in Prakriti.  There will be an urge to travel, but we know that it is not possible – hence people have to exercise control to prevent that.

  • August 02: Sun square Uranus 16 degrees Cancer/Aries
  • August 03: Mercury opposes Saturn 03 degree Cancer/Capricorn;

Full Moon 17 degrees Capricorn

  • August 4: Mars square Jupiter 25 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius
  • August 05: Venus conjunct Rahu 04 degrees Gemini : Venus conjunct Rahu is powerful as this is close to the degree of the last Solar Eclipse.
  • August 13: Mars square Pluto 29 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius
    a time of extreme emotions
  • August 14 – 16: Mars is Gandanta which indicates extremes in weather, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.
  • August 15: Uranus Retrograde 16 degrees Aries
    As Uranus stations, it is another indicator of earthquakes and major disruptions around the planet. Rahu and Ketu are at the same degrees that they were at the time of the 2011 earthquake in Japan, only they are now reversed: Rahu is where Ketu was, and Ketu is where Rahu was at 4 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius.
  • August 16: Mars enters Aries
    Mars is usually very potent in Aries and indicates extreme emotions. Further, Mars will be on and off in Aries, as it retrogrades from September 9 – November 14. It will be in Aries on August 16 – October 4th, Then again on December 24 – February 22, 2021
  • August 17: Mercury enters Leo, conjunct with Sun; good time to start new projects. Sun in Leo is a good sign. It has the capacity to burn up issues.
  • August 24: Mars square Saturn 2 degrees Aries/Capricorn
    Obstacles in government affairs cause strife in many nations. Many countries will continue to regain their own power. Globalization trends in the world will change, as many countries aspire to become more self-reliant.
  • August 25: Venus opposes Jupiter 23 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius
    Venus represents peace and as it aspects Jupiter in the sign of communications, there will be more agreements worldwide, especially pertaining to information about the coronavirus.
  • August 30 Venus opposes Pluto 28 degree Gemini/Sagittarius
    Mercury opposes Neptune 25 degrees Leo/Aquarius

Quite possibly secrets and scandals in politics will come out. Sex scandals may come out in the open too.

  • August 31: Venus enters Cancer
    Venus will be in the sign that rules the Moon (which waxes and wanes) and hence this represents that there could be volatility in the markets. With all the changes occurring in politics, the markets begin to reflect the insecurities the mass population is feeling.

These transits are preparing us for the final run of months starting in September 2020. This is a period of hope and healing – perhaps a vaccine for Corona-virus by end of the month. Rahu and Ketu shift signs and that is a monumental development. Rahu will go into Taurus and Ketu will leave the Moola Nakshatra (in Sagittarius) to Scorpio. This augurs hope, especially since Ketu has been Moola since February 2020. For more on Ketu in Moola do go back to the previous article. There are also indications that there may be cures from energy and light that may have a broad-spectrum application. There are indications that we will have our freedom back – freedom to travel and move around.

Rahu in Taurus deals with commodities and wealth and there is an indication that there will be balance in the financial sector. The period will also see countries becoming less dependent on other countries for products and aim at self-reliance.

This year is also about introspection and spirituality. When Jupiter was travelling with Ketu this year it is all about spirituality. The downside is that religious fanaticism may also see an uprise. The incidents in Turkey are already showing the rumblings of these changes.

At the end, we have to see things in perspective. For instance, if there was a start of the disease there will be an end too- so let’s keep our hope high to welcome and usher the spring of 2021.

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