Sojourn with San is Winner- Most Promising New Blogger! @the Orange Flower Festival Awards

The Orange Flower Awards – organised by Women’s Web;

I decided to book the flight to Mumbai from Bangalore. Well, it is not everyday that one gets nominated for six categories on a popular digital media platform and then gets shortlisted as finalist for two.

The Date: 25th January, 2020 ; ah ! the decade has started well

Venue: Antisocial, Lower Parel, Mumbai

The Event: The Orange Flower Awards Festival

Time: all day!

It was indeed a celebration of the voice of women. Withe the release of the film Chapaak, the voice against acid attacks is being heard. Women’s Web also gave voice to a victim Zakira Shaikh, who shared her story to a packed audience. You can read more about her fight with life here

This was followed by a fireside chat with women entrepreneur, Kainaz Messman of the Mumbai based Patisserie, Theobroma. A lively poetry slam, an interesting quiz, a writing workshop and more discussions on women in the workplace made for a lively exchange of ideas. The day ended with announcing the Finalists, Runners-Up and Winners of the different categories of writing and other forms of communication.

While I was a ‘Finalist’ in the category of ‘Fashiongram’ on Instagram, clearly the icing and the cherry on my cake that evening was being announced the winner in the category of ‘Promising New Blogger’. Last year when I started the blog, I had no idea that I would publish over 20 pieces and one of them would get an award. Thank you Orange Flower Festival and Women’s Web! Take a bow Aparna Vedapuri Singh and Team.

Dear Readers, Thank you for your encouragement. It would be great if you click on the ‘Follow’ button on my blog to show more support. Feel free to share my articles too. I now share some of the pictures that made my day.

The Most Promising New Blogger

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